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From Apples to Beets…

Introducing the first of many cooking classes I will be offering:  From Apples to Beets: Making Your Own Organic Baby Food.

And I need your help! I’m looking for 8-10 people interested in making their own baby food and willing to be my first guinea pigs. If you (or any of your family, friends, and work buddies) are interested, just send me an email.

Classes will be held in my Emeryville, CA kitchen.  The dates are TBD but will be in the next 3-4 weeks.  Cost to participate will only be $20.00 per person which covers the cost of food.  We will be focused on making baby food for infants primarily between 6-12 months, however you can easily adapt the techniques and ingredients to make food for children of all ages.

Here’s the class description:

From Apples to Beets: Making Your Own Organic Baby Food

This hands-on class will explore the various types of whole grains, vegetables, and fruit your little one can enjoy as they begin eating solid foods, and the different methods that any home cook can use to make baby food in their own kitchen.

Participants will make several wholesome baby foods such as brown rice cereal, roasted sweet potatoes, homemade applesauce, roasted golden beets and much more.   You get to take home about a week’s worth of food which can be enjoyed right away or frozen for up to several months until your baby is ready to eat.

I hope you’ll be able to join me for my first of many wonderful cooking classes!  And a reminder, please email me if you or anyone you know is interested in taking this class.

And The Winning Logo is…

Introducing the new logo for Little City Kitchen Co.!  Thanks SO much for all your wonderful comments and feedback – I was blown away by the response.

Here were my conclusions and thoughts about each of the logos…

Logo #1: I love the simplicity that many of you mentioned.  Clearly the spatula didn’t work (nope, not a popsicle or a toilet plunger guys), but I liked that the focus is on the LCKC name.

Logo #2: I love flowers, and yes Will, the logo just made me happy to look at!  This was probably the crowd-favorite if you count up all the votes.  My uncle made a great comment that it was a little “Fisher Price”, which I agreed with and was eventually the reason I didn’t choose it.  In the end, it was my favorite design, but it didn’t send the message that I was looking for in a brand or business.

Logo #3: Loved the idea of a stacked logo, but it just wasn’t working for me.  A few of you that said your eye was drawn first to the picture and as a result, the LCKC name got lost.  I agreed.  I think this was the most creative of the three, but it was a little too busy for me.

The Beet on the Street

So as you can see, I went with the simple route and switched up the mark (the picture-thingy).  I couldn’t seem to think of a kitchen tool to use in the spatula’s place, so in the end I found a really cool picture of a red beet that Wendy re-created.  And everyone knows that I’m a die hard veggie-aholic, so it seemed much more fitting!

I know, I know…it doesn’t scream “baby”.  There will eventually be a separate brand, name, and logo for the baby food, but this logo is versatile enough to grow in any direction the company the company takes.

More details coming later, but suffice it to say, my days have been spent navigating business license requirements, health codes, taking food safety courses, and talking with small business consultants.  For any potential entrepreneurs, check out the East Bay SCORE, a non-profit organization that offers free consulting for small businesses.

None of those topics are extremely interesting to write about though, and after the past week, I have only one thing left to say…

Logo design is SO much more fun!

So guys….what do you think of the new logo?

A Tale of Three Logos…

Need your help guys!

I’m in the process of designing a logo for Little City Kitchen Co. and would love to get your feedback on which one you like best.  I’ve narrowed it down to three different options:

How To Vote:

Please either write a comment below about which logo you like, or leave a comment on my LCKC Facebook Page.  Feel free to include what you like or don’t like about each one as well, especially if you’re not sure about any of the elements.

Special note of thanks to Byron Roe Photography who captured the amazing pictures you’ve seen on the blog (and more coming on the future website), and to Wendy Roe who has designed countless logos for me over the last week!  Shameless plug alert – if anyone is in the market for some really killer wedding or event photographers, you should check them out.

Your feedback on the logos is much appreciated.  Please vote!!  Thanks Everyone.