A Tale of Three Logos…

Need your help guys!

I’m in the process of designing a logo for Little City Kitchen Co. and would love to get your feedback on which one you like best.  I’ve narrowed it down to three different options:

How To Vote:

Please either write a comment below about which logo you like, or leave a comment on my LCKC Facebook Page.  Feel free to include what you like or don’t like about each one as well, especially if you’re not sure about any of the elements.

Special note of thanks to Byron Roe Photography who captured the amazing pictures you’ve seen on the blog (and more coming on the future website), and to Wendy Roe who has designed countless logos for me over the last week!  Shameless plug alert – if anyone is in the market for some really killer wedding or event photographers, you should check them out.

Your feedback on the logos is much appreciated.  Please vote!!  Thanks Everyone.

53 Comments to “A Tale of Three Logos…”

  1. Michael McGroarty says:

    Hey Jill, first of all, the ideas, the name and the guts to go for it, are all great and inspiring. The architect in me thinks #3 is best, although the simplicity of design #1 is also appealing. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been crazy getting ready for my teaching gig in Paris, now hopefully I’m ready. I’ll sample some French cuisine and give you some nouveau cuisine ideas…I didn’t see any escargot at the Oakland Farmer’s Market, imagine what you could do with banana slugs, escargot à la Santa Cruz!

  2. MaLanie says:

    I say #1 or #3…

  3. Jason zazo says:

    I like number 2 would look good on shirt or apron

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