A Note to Customers...

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After two years of creating handcrafted, organic baby food for the little ones, I’ve made the difficult decision to shut down Little City Kitchen Co.  As of mid-2012, we will no longer be teaching cooking classes or offering baby food for sale.  

Moving forward, we are partnering with several Bay area charities to promote well being and healthy eating for the children in our communities. To that end, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Opportunity Health Center of Palo Alto. Opportunity Health's coupon discount program through iHerb has raised over $10,000 to date for disadvantaged youth.


As many of you know, Little City Kitchen Co. was my first entrepreneurial venture after working ten years in the corporate world.  I experienced challenges that nearly every small-scale food businesses face: high production & overhead costs, working crazy long hours, raising capital, profitability, etc…  While demand for my baby food was rapidly growing, my motivation and energy was not.  Eventually I decided that baby food wasn’t the right path for me anymore, which ultimately led to my decision to stop production.     

Founding this company was undoubtedly one of the proudest periods of my life, and I’m forever grateful for the support I received from all of you.  Thanks to my fabulous customers (both big and little), and my friends & family that cheered me on during this crazy adventure.

Thanks again for your tremendous support!

- Jan




Need Baby Food?

  • There are two great California companies that offer terrific baby food to consider: Claire at Big Dipper Baby Food and baby food at iHerb is another fantastic option to consider. Big Dipper is available for delivery and pickup throughout the Bay Area and iHerb will deliver free for orders over $40.