Baby tasters

In my corporate days, I was known as a feedback junkie. The good, the bad, and the ugly…I wanted it all.
So when I decided to launch a baby food line, I called in some big reinforcements, or little ones in this case. 10 parents (and their kiddos age 7-10 months) volunteered and became a group that I now affectionately refer to as my Baby Tasters.  
Here's how it worked:
For a four week-period, the baby tasters sampled 3-4 recipes throughout the week and provided me with their feedback via online survey. At our weekly meetings, the group discussed the flavor, consistency, presentation, child's reaction, etc…) of each recipe with enthusiasm and brutal honesty.  

The results

It became so abundantly clear which recipes worked and which didn't, and as it turns out, I had no reason to worry that this group would sugarcoat any of the feedback! Yes, some of the online surveys even included the words "gag" and "grimace". But, some of them also included the words "loved" and "jumped for joy" too…as I said, it became clear very quickly which recipes I'd be starting with first.

The fan favorites were coincidentally all from my International baby food line: Cuban black beans with plantain, mango & coconut, Jewish-inspired potato latkes with onions, apples & parsley, and Thai curry with butternut squash and millet.


Special thanks!

  • A special thanks to the fabulous mommies and little ones that took time out of their busy schedules to help shape Little City Kitchen Co. I will forever be grateful!
  • The "original" Baby Tasters:
    Ana and Camila
    Jody and Rex
    Cara and Emmi
    Lisa and Kalim
    Connelly and Parker
    Chandra and Eve
    Suzy and Wyatt
    Elna and Julianne & Marissa
    Erika and Noe

"I am a really big fan of Little City Kitchen Co.'s baby foods. It's important to me that my son not only eats healthy, but also develops a fondness for all of the great flavors out there. LCKC food tastes like the food I love to eat! Dinner time feels like a much more family-oriented experience when we're all partaking in similar great tasting, healthy foods."

- Jody K., Baby Taster